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What is B2G Marketing?

Business-to-Government (B2G) Marketing is marketing that is directed at government organizations and programs. A lesser-known counterpart to more traditional B2B and B2C marketing archetypes, B2G marketing is analogous with public sector marketing and accounts for some of the biggest marketing campaigns in the industry.

Winning a government contract is often more complex and time consuming than other marketing areas with only a small percentage of companies able to stand up to the challenge. However, there are some clever and simple ways to get your foot into the B2G game and untap its potential.

B2G Marketing Explained

What exactly does government marketing mean and how can small companies compete with the larger companies out there that already have contracts with the government? Don’t worry – there’s still some good news for small businesses. The government is required to work with a certain number of smaller businesses, which means you might have the opportunity to work with them if you have something they could use, like software or computers.

Navigating the B2G market isn’t easy, though. The government has very specific requirements when searching for new contracts, long procurement cycles, and fluctuating budgets. While marketing to the government might not be your first strategy to come to mind, it’s well worth the try. The federal government spends $145.7 billion dollars in federal prime contracts and $82.8 billion in small business subcontracts. Allocating even just a small portion of your marketing budget to the government sector can pay off in the end.

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