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Keep Yourself Safe with Counter Surveillance


With today’s technology, surveillance has become easier to do without detection. It is becoming smaller, smarter, and more accurate. These advancements in surveillance can be detrimental to the safety of your personal and corporate business. More and more devices are being developed that can be used to collect your personal information, obtain your business proprietary secrets, and steal your identity, often without detection.

However, there are ways to prevent criminal people from spying on you by using a few simple counter surveillance measures to protect you and your personal information.

What is Counter Surveillance?

Counter surveillance is defined as the methods and devices used for thwarting surveillance for safety, privacy, and commercial interests. More generally, it’s to prevent criminals and other bad-faith actors from altering or stealing your information for personal or business related interests.

How to Keep Yourself Safe with Surveillance Counter Measures

There are several categories of counter surveillance techniques and counter surveillance equipment that can be implemented to keep you, your business, and your loved ones protected. 


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