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How to Protect Your Business with Wireless Device Detection


Workplace and government networks are increasingly growing in size and complexity, with hundreds of devices connected. Network security goes beyond just the employee laptop; there are phones, tablets, and other devices to worry about.

Managing and securing endpoints has become much more difficult, leaving many businesses open to rogue wireless devices lurking on their networks. While traditional scanning may work for small companies or individuals, to ensure there are no unwanted devices on your network, businesses need to implement a strategic wireless device detection plan, including the use of helpful devices like the Zone Protector from Cellbusters.

Why Wireless Device Detection Matters

The average worker uses 2.4 devices at work to complete their tasks, and that’s not including any devices the business uses for daily tasks such as registers, cameras, extra phones, and more. There is an abundance of devices using company networks and businesses need to protect their private information from rogue devices; devices that are connected to the system but do not have permission to be on it. 

While company issued devices like laptops should adhere to the best cybersecurity practices the company can have, rogue devices do not have the same level of security on them. For example, a worker’s cell phone could be used by malicious attackers to gain access to the company’s system. If not managed correctly, these devices, unknown to the worker, can leave open doors to the system. Once a rogue device is plugged into the network, they can steal information or cause disruption to the network, and in some cases do permanent damage to the systems. 

There are steps to help prevent rogue devices from attacking networks, including strong passwords, not connecting to a public Wi-Fi on company computers, turning off Bluetooth on personal devices, and using personal hotspots to connect to the internet. One of the best ways to protect company networks, though, is through properly securing the network means with wireless device detection systems. Wireless device detection methods allow companies and individuals to identify and assess all of the devices on their wireless networks, protecting their privacy.


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