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Do Braces Hurt? All About Braces Pain and How to Ease it


You’ve just been told that you need braces either to straighten your teeth or to help your oral health. The first thought that might come to you is; will getting braces hurt? The short answer is no; getting braces on does not hurt.

Braces Procedure

The procedure for getting braces on takes about an hour or two depending on each individual’s case and orthodontic treatment plan. If needed, separators will be put in between the molars, which will happen before the bonding appointment. The placement of the separators typically does not hurt, but as teeth are separating, they may become sore for one or two days.

At the bonding appointment, your teeth will be cleaned before the brackets are placed. The brackets are carefully bonded to each tooth. After all the brackets are bonded, the wires are placed in the brackets using small rubber bands, called ligatures.

On the teeth that were separated, bands will be fitted. This process can be a little uncomfortable, and the cement that is used to glue the band on the teeth will taste sour. At no point should this procedure be painful, however. There might be a little pressure here and there from the bands, but let your orthodontist know if it becomes too much.


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